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Secret life of cockroaches

Your home is one of the most comfortable spots in the world. It’s a place of relaxation where you can let your guard down and enjoy the company of your family and friends. Yet unbeknownst to you, that same space is a refuge to an unsightly freeloader - the cockroach.


Cockroaches are pests that have been here since Adam was a boy. They are probably the most adaptive species on earth, able to thrive even in extreme temperatures and varying environments. What’s bothersome about them is they have grown to take a liking to our homes, and whether we like it or not these unwelcome guests intend to stay for the long haul. Here are some horrible facts about this horrible species.



No matter where you are from, you may have undoubtedly had a ghastly encounter with these nasty critters. While roaches take different forms and sizes around the globe, the most common variants are reddish brown to dark brown in color. Like most insects, they have six legs and wings and they fly.




Cockroaches are omnivorous, which means they will eat virtually anything. From leftover food, drops of beverage, rotting vegetables, and even human dandruff, they do not discriminate. This is possibly one of the key characteristics why it can exist pratically anywhere and everywhere. They will always find food which will keep them going.



These unsightly pests are nocturnal creatures, meaning they usually go out at night to feed. This is advantageous for them since the dark camouflages them from being spotted easily, making it safe for them to go about and scour for food anywhere.


As many already know, cockroaches are extremely nimble. A light body and thin shape allows them to dash quickly at the sight of danger and can hide in the tightest places, including small crevices and cracks. This makes it a challenge to kill them, and even if you do, that’s just one of hundreds, if not thousands of others.

Secret life of cockroaches

Another preference of the cockroach is living in warm environment, which is another reason why our homes are the top spots where they breed. Combine that with food source that they can find practically anywhere and they’ve got heaven on earth.

Dangers and Hazards


The problem with cockroaches is since they can fit virtually in any place, and that in itself is dangerous. When entering your house, they have sewer and drain pipes, vents, and a lot more as their entry points. Imagine where they’ve been and then they crawl on your floors, walls, and more importantly your food. That gives them the ability to spread germs, making it a health hazard.




Cockroaches evolve quickly and their eggs are naturally protected. This is when seeking professional help is important. Brent Heness Inspections can provide our exemplary service in order to get rid of them. Your health is our priority.

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