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Are you a Conveyancer, Solicitor or Real Estate Agent and looking for a reliable inspector ?



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                                                BUILDING REPORTS

All Our Inspections Are Done To Current Australian Standards 4349-1-2007

With a comprehensive description of the property
 A summary of any safety hazards, major and minor defects
 A detailed “area by area” description of any safety hazards, major and minor defects found at the property including photographic evidence.
 Recommendations for further investigation
 A conclusion on the overall condition of the property. This compares the building with a property of a similar age and type.

New House Inspection





 During a Pre Purchase Building Inspection We Inspect:

The Interior: Ceilings,walls,windows & window frames,doors & door frames,

plastering, painting,stairs,balustrades,handrails,bench tops,cabinets,plumbing fixtures & fittings,shower screens,toilets,baths,basins,moisture to wet areas,

wall & floor tiles,floor coverings.

Roof void: Roof framing structures,sarking,insulation,skylights,vents/flues,
downlight safety,termite damage.

The Exterior: Roof coverings,gutters,downpipes,valleys,flashing,eaves,brickwork

windows,doors,lintels,exterior cladding,retainer walls,fencing,concrete paths,

concrete driveways & water drainage,patios,balconies,garages/sheds/pergolas

decking,detached laundry/detached garages/workshops,all structures with in

30m of the main dwelling.

Subfloor : Piers,bearers & joists,wet areas for leaks,wood decay, shower leaks, ventilation,dampness,mould,rising damp/efflorescence,drainage issues,flooring.

If in the process of purchasing the property with the idea of renovating we recommend that you speak to your local council .

1 January 1988

No. Since 1 January 1988, asbestos has been banned for use in building products in NSW. Fibro sheeting that may contain asbestos is still present in many homes built before 1988. It was usually used as wall cladding, in eaves and in wet areas such as bath


The earlier you place an offer, conditional on your building inspection report, the earlier we can do your inspection. In a market where there is often a high degree of competition we can get your inspection done quickly, usually emailed to you with in 24 hour.

As the findings of a building/pest inspection report may cause you to withdraw your 

offer you should always ensure that you are informed of your rights and options. 

Engage a Conveyancer/Solicitor as early as possible.

If you have not already engaged a Conveyancer/Solicitor we can recommend one too you.

Success! Message received.

House Inspections
building inspections




Arranging a pre-sale inspection prior to listing your property is critical to determine any issues which may need rectifying before putting your property on the market. By having a professional Building Report with Brent Heness Pre-Purchase Inspections, you can address any problem before you put the property on the market rather than hold up a potential sale. 


Organise the inspection prior to the auction date and as early as you can.  You may then also be in a position to make a confident and informed offer prior to the auction itself. 

Rely on our professionals for your Pre-Sale/Auction inspection and reports

  • A simple three step inspection process to ensure your pre-sale inspection occurs promptly and efficiently

  • A comprehensive inspection report, complete with photographic evidence of findings 

  • so you can feel assured of the overall condition of your property

  • Useful information and practical solutions for any current or potential

  • Increased negotiating power with the prospective buyer

  • Vendors Advantages :

  • The report is available almost immediately 

  • All parties are aware of any issues

  • Eliminates delays that could hold up the sale

  • Your property sells faster

 Why are Vendor Building  Reports popular ?

  • You immediately become aware of any building problems

  • you can make repairs that will benefit the sale. If you require a quotation on the cost of the repairs reported we can recommend builders/carpenters too you.

  • interested parties don’t have to wait for building reports to be carried out.


Keep the sales process moving forward with our pre-sale vendor inspection and report  contact us on : 0449 894 452 or receive a free online quote now.

Agents, Solicitors & Lenders

Vendors and buyers are becoming more demanding of excellent service and expect their Building Reports & Pest Reports to be delivered in rapid turnaround times. Now more than ever, we understand you need to deal with a reputable,accredited, licensed and fully insured Inspection firm.

We do inspections and we do them well. 

And we appreciate the importance of good communication for a worry-free inspection. That’s why our inspectors take care in delivering their findings in a practical, easy to read and understand fashion without sensationalising our findings.

We make the whole process easy by organising everything from booking to a report delivered within 24 hours of inspection. And we keep you well informed along the way.

As part of the property transaction process, we believe it is important that we communicate openly and honestly on our findings while not compromising our independence.

So whether you need a building report pest report or building and pest inspections

give us a call.

Call Brent

0449 894 452


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