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Everybody has watched cartoons such as “Tom and Jerry” and “Speedy Gonzales,”. We all know those cute, loveable characters. They always outsmart cats and are portrayed heroes. But are they really?


Far from how they are depicted in animation, rodents are a big problem when it comes to properties, especially in your house. They spread disease and filth among other things, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. They leave droppings everywhere and and destroy wires and homes.  Not so cute in real life and we see many rat infestations in NSW as we travel to do pest control.

Rats in NSW

Rodent Habitat


There are many types of rodents, and as such they have different habitats. Those living in reasonable numbers in nature are usually harmless, but it's the ones that infiltrate our homes that can spread health hazards.


The fact that they are resilient creatures who are capable of adapting to almost any environment  is the problem. Creatures who are so hardy usually pose problems as they forage for food and find places to make their homes. This many serious rat infestations in NSW have been reported.

Rat Infestations in NSW

Diseases Spread by Rats


To make the image a lot clearer, here are a few issues that are spread when rat infestations are present:

  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome

    • This is a viral illness acquired by inhaling dust contaminated with rat waste, direct contact with their excreta, and sometimes due to their bites and scratches.

  • Leptospirosis

    • This is a fatal bacterial disease that can be acquired when water contaminated by rats urine enters the body, either through drinking or when it comes in contact with exposed cuts.

  • Rat-bite Fever

    • Such a disease can be acquired through rat bites, scratches, or sometimes even coming in contact with a dead rat.

  • Salmonellosis

    • This is the counterpart of Leptospirosis. It’s a disease spread by water or food contaminated by rat feces.

  • Plague

    • An historical horror and perhaps the most foreboding of them all is the plague. It’s a disease carried by rats and is transmitted by fleas.


How to Control Rodents


Considering the many hazards they bring, it is a must that they be eliminated. Here are some ways you can control their infestation.

  1. Eliminate sources of food and water. You can do this by ensuring pet food are sealed, trash bins are tightly closed, and that there should be no leaks or dripping taps.

  2. Place traps for rats. You need to ensure that they are out of reach of pets or children. Moreover, poisoning with bait is discouraged as when the rat dies, it invites flies and other diseases.

  3. Remove all possible habitats. Any opening larger than ¼ inch should be closed. All trash, debris, and other possible nests should be eliminated from the area.


Of course, it is best to hire expert help to take care of this. Brent Heness Inspections is a trusted brand that will ensure they’ll be gone from your property.

Diseases from rats
How to control rats
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