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What is in a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

Pre-Purchase Inspection Hunter Valley

It is important to have detailed information about the state of a property before making the purchase. Otherwise, the buyer may be faced with future challenges and extra cost which could have been avoided. The best method of getting intricate details about the state of a property is to hire a professional to make a pre-purchase property inspection report, this is also known as building inspection report. The process of building inspections is further explained below:

What does pre-purchase property inspection report entail?

There are several types of building inspection report, this type of report is simply one of them. Just as the name implies. This type of report is done prior to purchasing a property. This is also referred to as the “standard property report”, the report documents the condition of a property. An integral part of the report is documentation of building defects, damp, cracks, faulty roofs, and potential hazards, among a host of others. This report is made before the sale is closed, the goal is to show the buyer potential problems with the property which may lead to costly repairs. From this point forward in this discourse, the report will be referred to as “Building Inspection Report”

Please note that a building inspection report does differ from a “pest inspection report.” A building inspection report may document any visual damage that is caused by termites, but it will not record the existence of termites or other pests in the property. In any case, it is good practice to have a pest inspection report done before purchasing a property.

Brent Heness Inspections does all types of reports, such as pre-purchase inspecitons, swimming pool inspections and safety and pest inspections.


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