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What’s in a Pest Inspection?

Have you been scouring the market looking for a new home? If yes, by now you must already have a dream house that you’re planning your budget around on. Not to rain on your parade, but don’t you think you should schedule a pest inspection first?

A pest inspection can identify any pest activity that may be hiding in crevices and unseen areas of a property. They can tell you if you have hidden visitors that may be damaging the structures without you noticing. Once the effect becomes obvious, it might already be too late.

As a matter of fact, one out of three Aussie homes are affected by termites every year, causing thousands of dollars in damage. And that’s just one of the many pests that could ruin your dreams!

That’s precisely why a professional pest inspection is highly recommended before you take that leap into home ownership.

Why Choose Brent Heness Inspections?

We are a family owned and operated business so we know the importance of keeping your loved ones safe and free of harm. That’s something we endeavor in every undertaking, which is what you can expect from us.

Moreover, here are more reasons why you should pick us:

Fast Turnaround

We are available 7 days a week to serve you. We give you our reports in as quick as within 24 hours after you’ve booked us. The best part is that our reports are easy to understand and coupled with photographs. You can even join us in the inspection.

Years of Experience

We’ve been in the industry for 35 years and counting, showing that we can handle any inspection. We bring that experience with us in ensuring you only the best service.

Latest Technology

In our inspections, we use only the latest technology, such as Thermal Imaging Cameras, Moisture Meters, and Boroscopes just to name a few.

Wide Service Area

Brent Heness caters to clients on a wide area. From Lake Macquarie down to Kellyville, we bring our expertise to you, and we are still growing in terms of scope.

What You See in Our Report

Once you’ve decided to hire us, here are a few things you will see in the report we will send you:

  • Pest activity or loss of structural integrity detected in several spots of the property

  • Identified threats that are conducive to introducing pests in your new home

  • History of past pest treatments in the area

  • Our expert recommendations

  • Advice on proper maintenance

Ready to get that property checked? Call us on 0449 894 452 or you can email us via

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