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Pre-Purchase Pest and Building Inspections in Lake Macquarie

It is no wonder that a lot of people would love to live in Lake Macquarie. It practically is heaven on earth, given the fact it is a centre for relaxation, arts, culture, and nature appreciation. That’s why buying and selling properties at Lake Macquarie has been on the rise for many years. It's a popular spot with a lot going for it including a waterfront lifestyle.

But wait, should you jump on the buying bandwagon immediately? Yes, that is, after you’ve done a thorough pre-purchase pest and building inspection. As a buyer would not want to buy a property potentially filled with hidden problems. And as a seller wouldn’t want to tarnish your reputation and impede your future by not thoroughly checking all the structures on the block you intend to buy, do you?

That’s where Brent Heness Pre Purchase Inspections comes in. We specialise in pre-purchase pest checks as well as building inspections in Lake Macquarie and other nearby suburbs. It’s a service that’s well worth it when you are serious in buying or selling a property.

How We Do Pre-Purchase Pest and Building Inspections

At Brent Heness Inspections, we pride ourselves with our experienced and able specialists. We can give a thorough pre-purchase pest and building inspection on any property. With our years of service in Lake Macquarie and other locations in NSW, we are well aware that most damages are invisible upon superficial examination. We dig deeper, using the latest technology giving you that sense or assurance and security.

As far as Pre-Purchase Building Inspections are concerned, we go through anything and everything. That includes the interior, exterior, roof void, subfloor, and other areas that may be prone to damage. We leave no stone unturned when we do our inspections. All our inspections are carried out to AS 4349-1- 2007.

Meanwhile, our Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection is second to none. As a matter of fact, we adhere to Australian Standards AS 4349.3 and AS 3660.2, which just shows we take things seriously. You don’t want unwanted guests, and by that we mean pests, plaguing the property, and we share that opinion.

Why Choose Us?

We can confidently say that we’re one, if not the best, pre-purchase pest and building inspections provider in Lake Macquarie and other locations nearby. Aside from our expert specialists, we pride ourselves with the technology we use, such as thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters, delivering thorough inspection.

That’s not all. We provide a 24-hour window in delivering our comprehensive report regarding a given property. It is something that you can always expect, so if you’re seeking a pre-purchase pest and building inspections expert in Lake Macquarie, choose Brent Heness Inspections.


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