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Do I really need Building Inspection Report When Purchasing Property?

Building Inspection Newcastle

Do I really?

Building inspection report is of utmost important for any home buyer. If you are puchasing property in the NSW areas of Lake Macquarie, Newcastle or the Central Coast it's important to understand that you need a building inspection to protect yourself in case of any problems in the future.

Consider these three plausible reasons why you should get a building inspection report before purchasing a property.

  • You can have a foreknowledge of the problems with the building

  • You can use the information as a basis for negotiation for a lower sale price of the building

  • Professional advice is given about the present issues with the building and how it may impact the property in the near future.

The building inspection report is one of the many important tasks you need to get done before buying a property.

Choosing the right person to inspect the property

It is in your best interest to employ the service of qualified personnel such as a licensed builder, a surveyor, or an architect to provide the building inspection report. This is because the professionals will certainly know what to look for when inspecting your property pre purchase.

Unlike the untrained person, the professionals will also see beyond artificial facade improvements that are done to cover up faults. A professional building inspector knows the tell tale signs that something has been covered up. Sometimes these structural problems can be skillfully covered up and the amatuer inspector may not notice.

Moreover, the professional will make reports that complies with the Australian Standard (AS 4349.1).

IT is important to ascertain that the person you chose to make the report has a valid insurance cover, especially for professional indemnity. Give Brent Heness a call to discuss any item in this post. Phone: 0449 894 452

Brent Heness is a building inspector located on the Central Coast of NSW. Brent Heness Inspections services the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Central Coast regions of NSW.

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