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For any property owner, you have to continuously deal with a lot of pest problems to stay on top of the situation. But if there is one thing that might be hard to control, it is the occurrence of house ants.


The dilemma with house ants is that they show up quickly and often out of the blue and are practically everywhere. Even a tiny scent of food can bring a swarm of them will be barging into your home. While just one isn’t harmful, the fact is that they always come in large groups which can spell trouble.

Body Description


Anyone knows what ants look like, but they also look somehow familiar to other well known insects, such as with termites and wasps. There are so many varieties of ant, so here’s how you can easily distinguish them.

For starters, ants have the same characteristics as any other insect but with noticeable variations. An ant has distinct narrowing between its head and thorax, and its thorax and abdomen, and this is one of the features that separates them from termites. Moreover, the antennae bend somewhere in the middle part, which is another defining characteristic.


While the common worker ant is wingless, it has winged counterparts which are responsible for reproduction. You can easily separate the winged ants from wasps by looking closely at the connection between the thorax and abdomen. Ants have pedicels, or nodes, that connect the two parts. Wasps do not have these.

House Ant Body
House Ants - The trouble of Getting rid of Them
House Ants Infographic

Where Do They Build Their Nests?


Herein lies the problem. House ants can live almost anywhere, from the obvious to the inconspicuous. While most of them make their nests outdoors, in the soil, or under rocks, some can be found in existing cavities in your home. Ants aren't’ fussy and are happy to burrow into small holes in brickwork and grout in tiles.


The Trouble With Getting Rid of Them


Considering the house ant bite isn’t that really painful, and you can easily sweep them away, they should be an easy pest to take care of, right? Wrong.


You see, the trail of ants that you see are worker ants. They are the swarm that goes out of the nest to try and find sources of food. Once they do, they leave a scent for other worker ants to follow, getting more of the food back to the nest.

They bring to food to no other than their queen. And that’s the main problem. Spraying the worker ants won’t help at all. If you kill them, the queen will just reproduce and create more of the worker ants to send out. And that means it becomes a never ending battle between you and the swarm. So basically, the ones you need to kill are those you can’t see.

Get Professional Help


Not everyone can be experts in pest control, and that is why you need to hire professional help. Not only will they fix the issue, but they can truly get to the source of the problem. They will also give you advice on how to keep them out once they’ve eliminated every single one.


As such, if you need assistance with your pest problems, Brent Heness Inspections will be able to lend a hand so contact us.

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