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Pest Inspections in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie

Pest Inspection - Brent Heness Inspections

Pest Inspections in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, as well as other locations surrounding these areas, is always essential. Whether you’re purchasing a residential or a commercial property, going through the said inspection ensures that the area is pest-free, which means you can protect yourself.

But why are some people missing their annual pest inspections in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie? For starters, there are those who think it’s a waste of time because by just looking at the property, everything seems fine and safe. Furthermore, others think it’s just an additional expense that adds to financial concerns. But that’s a dangerously incorrect thinking. Let’s see why.

The Dangers of Missing a Pest Inspection

When you fail to go through with your annual pest inspections in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, you’re not just throwing hard earned cash out the window - you’re flushing it down the toilet, drains, and everywhere else, while going back and forth to the bank to get some more money to waste. That’s exactly how dangerous it is when you miss this important step before and after purchasing a property.

There are many pests that could be easily located by thorough pest inspections in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, but perhaps the most terrifying are termites. They are among the most successful groups of insects on Earth. These are so adaptable that they have inhabited all continents with the exception of Antarctica. Aside from the fact they’re virtually everywhere, the troublesome fact is that they do not discriminate. They attack anything, especially structures that are made of timber, cellulose, and plasterboard just to name a few.

Termite Swarm - Brent Heness Inspections

But the issue does not stop there. The termite queens are known to have the longest lifespan in the insect kingdom, with some living as long as 30 to 50 years. That means they can sustain the colony for a long time, which spells disaster for any property that they invade.

Statistics tell us that one out of five homes are plagued by termite damage at some point in their lifetime, and out of three houses in the market, one of them would have a major defect caused by this unrelenting pest. That being said, it is highly unadvisable to skip pest inspections in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.

Why Choose Brent Heness Inspections

Fortunately, our experienced team at Brent Heness Inspections is a cut above the rest when it comes to pre-purchase pest inspections. We ensure that our meets Australian standards AS 4349.3 and AS 3660.2, giving you the confidence that you’re in good hands. Our quality service is something you can always rely on.

Furthermore, we use state-of-the-art technology in undertaking pest inspections in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. By using thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters among many other interventions, we provide a comprehensive analysis of a given property.

To top it all off, we execute our inspections with haste and efficiency. We provide quick turnaround of our inspections, with which you can expect a comprehensive report within 24 hours.

Don’t leave everything up to chance. Partner with Brent Heness Inspections and contact us today to ensure that you’re truly purchasing the property of your dreams.

Pest Inspections in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie - Brent Heness Inspections

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